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Installation and maintenance of indoor bamboo flooring

Given that we should use for the bamboo flooring the same tricks that we adopt for the traditional parquet, we still want to list the instructions for correct installation:

- The surface must be dry, the ambient temperature around 18-20 � with normal humidity.

- Prepare a few days before the boxes of bamboo flooring as to acclimate it with the new environment.

- The shades of bamboo flooring are multiple being it a natural product, so it is preferable to open some boxes to create pleasant shades.

- The types of installation are:

A) Glued

B) Floating

C) Nailed

A) The bond requires a background with no cracks, clean and levelled, an expert hand for the preparation of the glue and the installation, taking into account the appropriate distances from the walls for expansion.

B) The floating installation includes the interposition of a mattress between the substrate and parquet flooring, the choice of this type of installation is made especially for plants floor heating needs or for renovation of existing floors or at the discretion of the installer.

C) Poses with screws and nails are not widely practiced due to the larger work that they involve; fixing is done on laths arranged in concrete or wood panels.
The advantage of this type of installation is that no glue is used.


As the bamboo flooring is a natural fiber, direct exposure to sun's rays can alter the color, it's better to avoid direct radiation.
Even if it presents excellent characteristics of hardness is preferable that metal parts don't come into direct contact with the floor; the absorption of moisture of the bamboo flooring is reduced to a minimum, any leakage of water do not alter its structure but it's preferable to dry it in the shortest time to avoid damage to the paint. Please note that the traditional wooden floors are damaged  irreversibly in contact with water.

The cleaning is done with a dry cloth and if needed lightly moistened with water and vinegar.