Bamboo flooring

Bamboo is the technically variety of grass, which when mature can be processed into a product that is much denser and stronger than a jarwood.

Bamboo is a renewable resource and grows much faster than hardwoods.

There are hundreds varieties of bamboo, for flooring and panneling we
uses "MOSO" bamboo that's superior thanks to its structure, density and strength.

Bamboo, after four or five years, takes properties that are superior to
hardwoods and is ready for the processing. The global forest resource have been seriously depleted, bamboo is the perfect alternative.

Product advantages

- environmentally friendly, hipoallergic
- tough, durable and extremely stable, it's 34% harder then red oak, 14% harder than maple
- minimum formaldeide emission
- fire proof

lavorazione bambu External bamboo knots are removed
taglio canna bambu Bamboo pole is sized and stripped
posa bambu Internal knots and outside skin are removed from strip
essiccazione listelli bambu Strip is dried
lavorazione canne bambu Several strips are glued together and
compressed to create a solid bamboo board