Bamboo reeds and poles

Decorative poles


pali bambu


3140-PD30 (4000 x Ø30-40 mm)
3141-PD40 (4000 x Ø40-50 mm)
3142-PD50 (4000 x Ø50-60 mm)
3143-PD60 (4000 x Ø60-70 mm)



Green poles


pali freschi di bambu


3144-PF35 (2400 x Ø35-40 mm)
3145-PF50 (2400 x Ø50-60 mm)



Acuminate poles


pali acuminati bamboo


3146-PA30 (1800 x Ø30-35 mm)
3147-PA35 (1800 x Ø35-40 mm)
3148-PA40 (1800 x Ø40-45 mm)



Rods for agriculture


canne bambu per agricoltura


3149-CA10 (1200 x Ø10-12 mm)
3150-CA12 (1500 x Ø12-14 mm)
3151-CA14 (2100 x Ø14-16 mm)
3152-CA16 (2100 x Ø16-18 mm)
3153-CA18 (2400 x Ø18-20 mm)
3154-CA20 (2400 x Ø20-22 mm)
3155-CA22 (2400 x Ø22-24 mm)
3156-CA24 (2900 x Ø24-26 mm)
3157-CA26 (2900 x Ø26-28 mm)
3158-CA28 (2900 x Ø28-30 mm)




recinzioni bambu bambu per recinzioni
Fences with green poles

3159-B732 (2400 x 1000 mm) Ø35-40 mm
Fences with dried poles

3160-B731 (2400 x 1000 mm) Ø35-40 mm