Bamboo Activated Carbon

Similar to the charcoal, activated carbon bamboo is microporous with excellent absorption properties, is obtained through the pyrolysis method. It is a burning in the absence of oxygen and smoke without adding chemicals. The combustion temperature up to 1000 C °.

The properties of bamboo charcoal are endless:

- It 'very hard, clean, cleans, used as fuel does not emit fumes, odors and has a very high calorific value.

- The porosity, given by the particular molecular structure, typical of carbon active, allowing it to absorb odors, purify air and water, can also be spread on the ground, making it fertile, integrating carbon.

- From surveys carried out by specialists it was found that the bamboo charcoal, due to its low electrical resistance, and neutralizes the Random electromagnetic fields emitted by both natural and electrical equipment.

There are also interesting applications in the domestic sector such as:

- Odour doing inside of refrigerators also antibacterial.

- In the shoes to remove odors and bacteria.

- In the mattresses and mattress covers, where in addition to features already described, improves blood circulation.

- In detergents such as soaps, shampoos and bubble baths.